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Business of Furniture - September 12, 2018

  •   DIRTT Announces Smed Departure, Names new CEO - DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. Monday announced that founder and executive chair Mogens Smed has left the company, effective immediately. "Mogens has not adequately performed the agreed assigned duties, requiring the board to align management resources to begin building a more collaborative, adaptable and responsive team that creates the ability to successfully scale the business."
  •   CIFF Shanghai Off to a Strong Start - The development of the Shanghai version of CIFF is being closely watched by many in the industry. Though the Guangzhou event is larger, Shanghai is growing in importance since the city has become one of the world's top business hubs.
  •   BuzziSpace Opens Big Apple Showroom - BuzziSpace has invested heavily in the U.S., which is expected to be its largest market in the coming years.
  •   Inventor Uses Simple Idea to Produce Amazing Results: Posture Keeper is Ready for the World and Spines are Ready for it Too - Many successful products are born out of one's personal experience or need.
  •   ABI July 2018: Billings Grow at Slower Pace for Second Straight Month - Softness in firm billings was pervasive across the country, with firms in all regions except the South reporting decreasing billings for the month
  •   Stephen Says - "I Can't Stand My Coworkers Cologne" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - LendingHome Headquarters – San Francisco
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest Product Introductions from Boss Design, Innovative and HAT Contract, Scandinavian Spaces, m.a.d. furniture design and 9to5 Seating
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - September, 2018

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: BELLAGIO'S PATTISSERIE - I had heard good things about the Bellagio Conservatory Botanical Gardens, so with a renewed determination I decided to check it out since it was only across the street. The gardens are beautiful, and I would recommend a visit but it definitely is not a place to get any work done — there is no place to sit. Undeterred, I decided I would check out the rest of the Bellagio to see if I could find a quiet corner.
  •   THE NEW AGE OF CALL CENTERS: SO FUN, WORKERS CONSIDER IT A CAREER - Bryce Maddock and Jasper Weir did not grow up "dying to revolutionize the call center industry," said Jarrod Johnson, chief customer officer of TaskUs. Yet, the pair inadvertently did just that, and the Santa Monica, California-based TaskUs has become the ultimate millennial office space, catapulting call center work out of dark, dingy cubicles into the hot jobs market.
  •   OFFICE PLANTS ARE MORE THAN DECORATION - Studies show plants can reduce absenteeism, make workplaces more attractive to potential hires, boost creativity and improve indoor air quality. Another benefit is adding a touch of coziness to an otherwise professional setting.
  •   LUXOR QUIETS THE OPEN PLAN OFFICE WITH HOST OF PRODUCTS - Open offices can help creativity, but workers also need space to get away from it all. That's where Luxor and the RECLAIM product come in. "Historically, there has been nothing in this (product) category at all," said Paul Roche, president. "There are a lot of stories in the media about the open office — whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. RECLAIM is the solution for the open office. With the open office, you get that communication and collaboration.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and test products for the workplace this month include the Charge Dock which is capable of charging six devices at once. Four cables on the front of the dock can be extended two feet from the station. A slight pull on the cord retracts it back into the dock's housing. Each of these four cables provide 2.4 amps for rapid charging. The G-Hold is a circular attachment approximately four-and-a-half inches in diameter that attaches to the back of the tablet. When folded flat it only protrudes about a quarter of an inch. When used, it allowed us to comfortably hold the tablet. Sensel Morph is a pressure-sensitive touchpad that gives users a choice of overlays so you can swap between video editing, painting, music creation, gaming, coding and other tasks. These are job-specific overlays — sold separately — designed to reduce keystrokes and other input hassles. We found they work very well for the specific tasks associated with them. The Todoist app takes you from overwhelmed to on top of it. Everything's organized and accounted for so you can make progress on the things important to you. Best of all, Todoist helps you easily prioritize your tasks and projects so you'll always know exactly what to work on next.
  •   SURVEY FINDS WORKING PARENTS RANK WORK-LIFE BALANCE AHEAD OF SALARY WHEN EVALUATING JOB PROSPECTS - Work-life balance rates are more important than salary when people are considering whether or not to take a job, according to a recent FlexJobs survey.


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