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Business of Furniture - February 19, 2020

  •   Students Need Flexibility and Ownership at School, which Begins With Furniture - Flexibility, comfort, posture support and fidgeting features are considered essential elements to be included in student furniture design for the updated classroom.
  •   Innovative Office Products Acquires SiS Ergo - Founded and headquartered in Denmark, SiS Ergo is a manufacturing pioneer of height-adjustable tables.
  •   Reps Learn Nook is More than a Typical Pod at UK Event - A group of top independent reps gathered in the U.K. last week to learn about Nook. Nook was designed by company founder David O'Coimin to create an oasis of calm in the din of the open office, classroom or other space where a bit of privacy is needed, but not the complete isolation found in other products.
  •   Industry Inspiration: An Assessment of Disruption in the Residential Real Estate Industry - Across the residential industry, real estate brokerage firms are looking for creative ways to continue to capture market share.
  •   Over 550 Dismissed in Wayfair Layoffs - Recently, the eCommerce retailer has entered the contract furnishings arena, offering an assortment of furniture from the likes of Turnstone and Steelcase along with several no-name Chinese sourced products.
  •   Stephen Says - "Stuck in the Sales Rep Rut: How Do I Get to be a Sales Manager?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - Suhrkamp Verlag Offices – Berlin
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Room & Board, Workrite, Unika Vaev, Dekko, Davis, Hightower, Scandinavian Spaces
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: RITZ-CARLTON ORLANDO GRANDE LAKES - Is it possible for a workplace to be less-than-stellar when staying at a place as nice as the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, and when the weather is miserable at home? Indeed it is. Chalk it up to another stay at a hotel that does little to help the business traveler.
  •   OFFICE ETIQUETTE SURVEY: BAD LANGUAGE, PETS, POLITICAL DÉCOR REMAIN BIGGEST OFFENSES - New research from global staffing firm Accountemps reveals some do's and don'ts for today's workplace. Staff shouldn't feel like they're walking on eggshells at work, but it's important to be respectful of others and ensure your actions don't cause a distraction or compromise your professional reputation.
  •   WORKPLACES COME ALIVE WITH SAGEGREENLIFE - Sagegreenlife is making it easy for offices and public spaces to go green by using technology that takes the guesswork out of watering and lighting. Sagegreenlife is making it easy for offices and public spaces to go green by using technology that takes the guesswork out of watering and lighting. The Chicago company's products aren't just designed to pretty up an office either.
  •   THE RISE OF MAKERSPACES - Makerspaces are unique because they foster skills in a diverse array of disciplines. They cater to everyone from casual hobbyists and weekend warriors to retired trades workers and budding entrepreneurs. Education is also a cornerstone, with everything from robotics classes for school kids to adult lessons on leatherworking.
  •   MANPOWERGROUP ON THE MOVE: PRESIDENT BECKY FRANKIEWICZ TALKS WORKPLACE EVOLUTION AND THE ART OF RETAINING TALENT - With a career touching on all aspects of leading several top-level companies, including PepsiCo/Quaker, Deloitte and Andersen Consulting, Becky Frankiewicz has seen the workplace change in a myriad of ways.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.


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