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Business of Furniture - March 20, 2019

  •   The Private Office is Not Dead, But it is Evolving - Is the private office on its way out? Who still wants and needs them?
  •   Dewey Collection Next to Hit Market - The Dewey product line, first introduced under Fixtures Furniture by izzy+, is back and now available through SurfaceWorks.
  •   The Gensler Institute Finds an Intersection of Factors Makes a Great Workplace - Mostly open environments deliver best on performance and experience, the rising scores driven by high levels of choice, variety and balance.
  •   NYC Rep Ken Gibson Leaves Design Center for New Showroom - Gibson specializes in smartly designed furniture and ancillary products.
  •   Meadows Workflow - Designed with the dealership in mind, Meadows Workflow makes it simple to access project files from anywhere, assign tasks and monitor completion status.
  •   Steelcase Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2019 Results - Revenue increased 18 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the prior year, or 15 percent on an organic basis, reflecting double-digit growth across all segments driven by strong project business from large customers.
  •   Stephen Says - "What Do You Do When a Top Producer Quits?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   Workplace Wellness - "How to Identify the Warning Signs of a Workplace Injury" - by Shannon Bloch
  •   PLACES - Total Media Offices – London
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest Product Introductions from H Contract, Hightower, Unika Vaev, Keilhauer, Carnegie and LEVEL 4
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Business of Furniture - March 14, 2019 - CIFF Special Edition

  •   THE 43RD CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR GUANGZHOU - Phase Two: March 28-31, 2019 - Without a doubt, excitement and innovation are the key words of the next edition of CIFF Guangzhou, whose constant commitment offers a global platform that best launches exhibitors' innovations, taking great care to welcome sector professionals, including the growing number of foreigners among them.
  •   THE OFFICE SHOW - The CIFF Office Show, that covers 220,000 sqm in Area A, Area B and Area E of the China Import & Export Fair Complex, is dedicated to office furniture and seating, hotel furnishings, metal furniture, furnishings for public spaces and waiting areas, as well as accessories, materials, and machinery for the furniture industry, comprehensively addressing the theme of the Smart Office and establishing the sector devoted to furniture for healthcare facilities and seniors.
  •   THE SMART OFFICE MAKES WORK MORE ENJOYABLE - In China, the constant expansion of work environments, the consequent growth of the internal market for office furniture, and the development of corporate culture by managers and employees are provoking profound reflection on what future work methods and environments should be like. How can work be made more enjoyable and engaging? What kind of environment can make workers more productive? Why are some company employees more likely to work overtime? What kind of company is appreciated and desirable? The CIFF Office Show 2019 intends to answer all of these questions, helping to outline environments where the possibility of working comfortably and happily is no longer just a dream.
  •   LEADING COMPANIES AND NEW BRANDS - The CIFF Office Show is the most prominent business platform and the largest office furniture fair in Asia, serving as the true benchmark in the sector in China, bringing together leading companies and new brands and attracting professionals from all the major world markets. The 43rd CIFF Guangzhou - Office Show will host leading office furniture manufacturers; companies such as Sunon, Victory, Haitian, Quama, Zhongrui, Jongtay, Tiantan, Saosen, Kinwai, Liming, Merryfair, Kuoching, UE, Bosen, Boyi, Allbest, Lijiang, Hongsheng, Hongji, Erqing, Huabao, and Dechang will present new concepts and systems for the workplace; other brands, like Merryfair, Kuoching, UE, Bosen, Boyi, and Allbest will offer ergonomic and comfortable seating with an attractive design.

Workplaces Magazine - March, 2019

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: THE TEA LOUNGE, BRISTOL MARRIOTT ROYAL HOTEL - Most hotels don't make it easy for you to work. It's their job to give you a comfortable room, not a comfortable work environment. So when you find one that actually seems to care about the business traveler, it is worth noting and celebrating.
  •   NEARLY 15 PERCENT OF JOB SEEKERS USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO LAND A NEW JOB - Some social media platforms, including Facebook, are launching their own recruiting platforms for businesses. Recruiters can gather job applications, conduct interviews and even extend offers without leaving the platform. Online job boards have effectively replaced traditional job postings in newspapers.
  •   HOW THE RIGHT PRODUCTS AND SIMPLE ROUTINES CAN KEEP US ACTIVE IN OUR WORKSPACE - The modern workplace is a study in tensions. The majority of white collar workplaces require employees to be indoors, seated, and engaging with a laptop, desktop, or tablet for much of the day. The result is arguably an era of unprecedented “productivity,” but one that denies or diminishes the attendant health costs of a sedentary and all but immobile workforce.
  •   GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR DESIGNING INNOVATION SPACE - The contemporary manifestation of the quintessential “garage” spaces of early Silicon Valley lore means some early stage businesses or project divisions of larger organizations need to work in flexible and cost-effective settings where work activities are heavily focused on early stage development, proof-of-concept testing or prototyping. Organizational innovation doesn't always happen at breakthrough scale. It can often happen in small, incremental steps embedded in everyday workflow. A growing number of organizations adopt agile workflow methodologies in which tasks are divided into smaller work sprints and where teams are sometimes reorganized to align with workflow changes.
  •   EISNERAMPER AND FRANCIS CAUFFMAN ARCHITECTS TRANSFORM A HEADS-DOWN OFFICE INTO A COLLABORATIVE ONE - The FCA team kept its focus on an overall design to enable success in EisnerAmper's culture shift, with collaboration at the forefront. In an industry where most heads are down and focused on their screens, EisnerAmper — a full-service advisory and accounting firm — wanted a culture shift in its San Francisco headquarters office, so it hired Francis Cauffman Architects (FCA) to design a new office to facilitate rigorous collaboration within the company.
  •   6 TIPS FOR COWORKING FURNITURE - Coworking spaces shouldn't copy the same design as corporate settings. Uncomfortable furniture is a creativity killer in coworking spaces. Members are looking for a work environment that will spark their productivity. No one wants to tolerate furniture that causes aches and pains. Here are six tips to specify furnishings that are ergonomic and functional.
  •   THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY TURNS 90 AND IS CELEBRATING BY APPEALING FOR A COLLECTION OF WORDS AND PHRASES USED AT WORK - The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is celebrating 90 years since the completion of its first edition. As part of this celebration, it has put out an appeal for various words related to things such as regions in the U.S., youth slang, hobbies and words at work.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.


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