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Business of Furniture - November 14, 2018

  •   UPFRONT: SurfaceWorks Opens Additional Manufacturing Facility: Penny table first out of the gate - SurfaceWorks, a manufacturer of tables for the contract furniture industry, plans to open a second manufacturing location in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
  •   October Furniture Survey Remains Solid - The most frequently cited perceived threats to the industry's success are tariffs, transportation and logistics costs, steel prices, and general material costs.
  •   BIFMA Prepares for 360 Conference (and So Should You) - The 200 or so attendees of the annual 2019 BIFMA Leadership Conference scheduled this for Jan. 28-30 in Scottsdale, Ariz. have come to expect an exceptional programming.
  •   Humanscale's Jane Abernethy Wins Women in Sustainability Leadership Award - Abernethy has won the 2018 Women in Sustainability Leadership Award (WSLA), which was established to encourage awareness, advancement and support for women in sustainability leadership. The award comes on the heels of Humanscale announcing Abernethy's promotion in September.
  •   SKG Among Austin's Fastest-Growing Private Companies - SKG is competing in a market filled with fast growing companies. Many of those companies in Austin are customers of SKG, which reported an annual average growth of more than 34 percent from 2015 to 2017.
  •   Stephen Says - "My Coworker Stinks! Literally and Figuratively. What Can I Do About It?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   Training & Development - "What do You Need to do to be Successful?" - by Sid Meadows, founder and principal of embark cct
  •   PLACES - Landsec Offices – London
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest Product Introductions from Allseating, Scandinavian Spaces, IOA, RightAngle and National
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - November, 2018

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: HILTON COLOGNE, GERMANY - It was a horrible stay. Overpriced and with spotty service and amenities, the Hilton Cologne has a lot to work on when it comes to business travelers. Since I'm not loyal to any hotel chain, I can chose to stay at a different property next time I'm in Cologne. I feel sorry for the business traveler who is tied to the Hilton brand and has to stay there.
  •   NEW AI TECHNOLOGY AMPLIFIES THE INTELLIGENCE OF BUSINESS TEAMS - A new study by California Polytechnic State University and Unanimous AI shows business teams, when connected by AI algorithms that enable them to make decisions together as a "hive mind," achieved significantly higher accuracy on a standard intelligence test than individuals alone.
  •   SOFT LAUNCH - As we dream up big ideas, we get stymied by one very important reality: software developments move quickly.
  •   FORGE ACHIEVES THE (NEAR) IMPOSSIBLE: DESIGNING FOR EVOLVING TECHNOLOGY - Much is made of office design in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've all seen stories about amenities that would make a five-star hotel blush, the pingpong tables and offices that get from floor to floor seemingly using chutes and ladders.
  •   NAVIGATING THE BIG D - How one company believes it's getting diversity right. Business buzzwords come and go, but there's one word that really means something to tech company Scalable Press: Diversity. It's not because it's popular, though, it's because it's right for workplace teams and right for a company's bottom line.
  •   AI SET TO PROFOUNDLY AFFECT THE WORKPLACE - This kind of change is already evident in warehouses and distribution centers, where robots handle much of the work us mere mortals did, with human assistance only used to oversee and intervene in the rare instance when something goes wrong.
  •   AUGMENTED REALITY UNLOCKS VISUALIZATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR CONTRACT FURNITURE - Designers use AR to take their clients into a space and feel what it's like.
  •   COWORKING AS INNOVATION SPACE - Many of today's most progressive workplace designs resemble the coworking typology of amenity-rich space with a mix of settings and vice versa.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - Poked, prodded and tested products for you.
  •   FURNITURE, AUGMENTED REALITY IS A MATCH MADE IN DESIGN HEAVEN - The smartphone app allows consumers to transport the SIXINCH products directly into their physical world, making the buying experience more convenient.


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