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Business of Furniture - November 25, 2020

  •   Kirkbride: Hold on a Little While Longer: Offices Will Emerge from Pandemic More Important Than Ever - One way or another, COVID-19 cases are going to drop, either through herd immunity or the successful rollout of one of the very promising vaccines, which should be available to the general public by spring.
  •   USGBC Readies the Green Building Industry for a LEED Positive Future During Greenbuild and Announces the 2020 Leadership Award Recipients - During education sessions and keynote addresses, USGBC outlined commitments and actions to help support a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable recovery.
  •   Yorgo Lykouria: From the Agile Office to the Resilient Workplace: Why the Post-Pandemic World Needs High-Level Thinking - The spaces we inhabit should be reinvented on every level to support progress and accommodate our needs.
  •   Season of Thanksgiving - What is a Season of Thanksgiving? Well, for me and my family, it's being actively committed to looking at all the things each of us are thankful for, day by day and all the things going well in our lives.
  •   Replace Design Assumptions with Fact in Today's Uncertain Environment - Sampling remains one of the most prominent concerns for designers across the board. With limited access (in many cases) to showrooms or their firm's personal libraries, designers struggle to get their hands on physical samples.
  •   KWK Architects Supports School of Medicine Mission Through Planning and Project Activities at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis - Gaining a thorough understanding of just how the school of medicine utilized its existing space was an important step in the process.
  •   Product Spotlight: National Office Furniture Launches Dynamic Products and Surface Material Solutions - The Tarver collection of tables, storage and mobile ancillary pieces unifies bold design, industrial beauty and the natural characteristics of wood and steel.
  •   Upfront: Lauren Rottet's New Introductions for Haworth Collections - Suitable for high-impression and social spaces in commercial and hospitality environments, the Lyda is available in a range of styles and a choice of sizes and forms.
  •   Stephen Says - "Can Scruff Get a Man Fired?" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   Training & Development - "Season of Thanksgiving" - by Sid Meadows
  •   PLACES - Schneider Electric Offices – Izmir, Turkey
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Arc-Com, Wilsonart, Arcadia
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - November, 2020

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: LEAPS & BOUNDS CAFE, LODGE KOHLER, GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, U.S. - Leaps & Bounds Cafe is a typical hotel cafe, busy with guests coming in and out of the space as they grab a bagel or a cup of coffee. It is comfortable and cozy and a very nice place to work when out of the office. The cafe featured strong internet and plenty of plugs for business travelers on the road who need to charge laptops and smartphones.
  •   THE END OF THE OPEN OFFICE - There are still a lot of unknowns. Some companies haven't gone back to in-person work, and even more have yet to make decisions on new office layouts and modifications, if those are needed.
  •   KASTLE AND GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY PARTNER TO GET BUSINESS BACK TO THE OFFICE SAFELY - Public health and medical experts recommend building owners, managers, operators and employers work to create a healthy workplace environment before resuming normal business operations.
  •   MORE THAN HALF OF WORKERS SAY THEIR COMPANY HAS FAILED AT CREATING A DIVERSE WORKPLACE, BUT NEW DATA SHOWS HOW DIVERSITY AFFECTS PEOPLE OF COLOR'S ABILITY TO SUCCEED AT WORK - Nearly two-thirds (61%) of people of color say the level of diversity at their company affects their ability to succeed. Roughly half that number of white people (32%) agreed.
  •   REMOTE WORK SET TO NEARLY TRIPLE IN THE POST-COVID WORLD, ACCORDING TO SURVEY ON EMPLOYER RESPONSE TO COVID-19 - There has been a clear need for more flexible work scheduling due to disruptions in childcare, schooling and other routines in daily life, and the survey shows most employers have tried to provide this flexibility to help their employees adjust to the new normal.
  •   POLITICS IN THE WORKPLACE: NEW REPORT FINDS MOST EMPLOYEES TALK POLITICS AT WORK; TWO-THIRDS HAVE CONSIDERED LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB DUE TO THE POLITICAL BELIEFS OF THE PEOPLE THEY WORK WITH - Talking politics also has an impact on organizations, as nearly half of those surveyed report their manager talks openly about supporting a specific candidate in the 2020 presidential election. The effect of this depends on whether their employees share similar beliefs.
  •   WANT TO MAKE SURE REMOTE WORKERS AREN'T SLACKING OFF? TRY TRUSTING THEM INSTEAD - The importance of trust plays out in research, which has found employees at high-trust organizations tend to be more productive and better collaborators than their peers at low-trust companies. Plus, they tend to stick around longer.
  •   10 TIPS TO STOP SCREEN-BASED HEADACHES - You may not be able to avoid screens altogether, but you can take steps to keep them from affecting your health. If you suspect your headaches are related to screen time, talk to your health care provider. Come up with a plan, protect your eyes, and get to the bottom of your headaches.
  •   A DESIRED DESTINATION: HOW TO LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORKPLACE POST-COVID-19 TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN TOP TALENT - Brands will need to reevaluate their office portfolio and determine a plan to ensure their employees can take advantage of new technologies that make communicating, collaborating and connecting more seamless than ever before.
  •   UVC LIGHT – THE LATEST WEAPON AGAINST CORONAVIRUS - UVC fixtures from a reputable manufacturer could be a gamechanger in the battle against the immediate threat of the coronavirus and seasonal and regional outbreaks of infectious diseases. Devices are already cropping up more frequently in airports, classrooms, fitness centers, emergency housing, retail entrances and workplaces.
  •   UNISPACE CEO: OFFICE NEEDS POST-COVID EXPECTED TO DROP MORE THAN 20% - People want to return to work safely, but they want to return with some degree of flexibility to work from home or places like coffee shops outside the office. While much has been made about some tech companies allowing employees to permanently work from home, other companies feel the need to get back to work in the office.
  •   REVIEWS - Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors / Anker Nebula Capsule


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